Where Can I Return My Audi Lease?

Audi Lease Return Center in Riverside 

Time has flown with your leased Audi, but now it's time to drive it back to our Audi Lease Return Center. With only 90 days left with your vehicle, this may be an exciting yet confusing time as you decide what you're going to do. However, at Walter's Audi, we're here to make the Audi lease-end process easy for our Riverside customers.

You have two choices when your lease comes to an end. You can:

  • Turn in your Audi
  • Purchase the leased vehicle

We want to see you take off the lot in a brand new Audi. That's why we encourage you to view our new Audi specials to see which vehicle will suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What other charges can I expect on my final turn-in settlement invoice?

A: You will be responsible for:

  • Excess wear and use
  • Any remaining payments
  • Any charges specified in your lease agreement that hasn't been paid
  • Excess mileage charges
  • Any state fees
  • Disposition fee

Q: Can I turn in my vehicle early without additional fees or penalties?

A: You may turn in your vehicle up to 90 days before your maturity date without any early termination fees or penalties. You will still be accountable for all fees mentioned above.

Q: Can I turn my vehicle into a non-Audi dealer?

A: No. Your vehicle must be returned to an authorized Audi dealer like Walter's Audi. Contact us to schedule a turn-in appointment.

Q: Must I have my Audi inspected before returning it?

A: Yes. To schedule your inspection visit https://schedule.sgsauto.com or call SGS at (855) 237-1504, Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., ET

If your ready to return your lease or buy it out, come down to our dealership where we serve Orange County, Corona, Redlands, Moreno Valley, and Riverside shoppers. Please contact us at 888-904-4831 if you have any more questions or concerns about buying the lease-end process.

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