Ordering Audi Keys

Walter's Audi in Riverside strives to make every experience a pleasurable one. In today's business climate theft and fraud come from many sources; Identity theft, credit cards, checks, personal property and vehicles can all be at risk. We are here to help protect you and your assets. Below are the minimal requirements to order a coded key through Audi.

How to Order a Coded Key

To order a coded key for your Audi you will need the following:

  1. You must be the legal owner of the Vehicle
  2. You must have a current/valid United States Driver's License
  3. You must have current Registration with name matching your Driver's License
  4. Key must be Pre-paid at the time of order. Once order is submitted keys are produced and take an average delivery time of 2 business days.
  5. Above stated documents/copies of documents must be in our possession prior to the order being placed.

Key pricing varies based on year and model of your Audi.

  • Once keys have arrived, you will need to visit our service department to program the new key with your vehicle.
  • Programming fee is $219. 
  • This cost is not included with the purchase of your key.
  • Keys are non-refundable once order has been placed.
  • Keys will not start your vehicle until they are programmed.
  • Any keys still in your possession will need to be present when programming is performed.

Please contact a Walter's Audi Parts Advisor if you have any further questions.

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