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George McKenzie
General Manager

As a General Manager, George keeps a keen eye on things around the dealership but when he is out of the office he enjoys time with his family adventuring the outdoors.  He enjoys camping, dirt biking, and fishing with his sons. He is driven to providing customers an excellent experience. He always mentions to our team here at Walter's Audi to treat our customers as if they were a guest in our own home. He's never too busy for a quick hello so be sure to make his acquaintance the next time you stop in.  

Eric Lafever
Sales Manager

If you are looking for the exact image of a family man, then look no further than Eric Lafever. As a husband and a father to three amazing children, Eric is a generous and caring man who commits all his free time to his family. 

Eric is also a very season automotive expert, and has been working in the industry since 1999. His nearly unlimited automotive knowledge is sure to help you and your family when looking for your next Audi. So if you want to work with an outstanding individual next time you are at Walter's Audi, make sure to ask for Eric Lafever. 

Afshin Mirbolooki
Sales Manager

Afshin is a true automotive expert, and has been working in the automotive industry since 2003! His years of experience and calm demeanor is sure to put you at ease when looking at your next Audi vehicle. 

Away from the dealership Afshin is a busy man and loves to ride his motorcycle and spend quality time with his family. Family is at the core of what drives Afshin and his hard work ethic everyday. So if you are looking for a true expert and genuinely nice person to help you, look no further than Afshin. 

Andy Bartoli
Finance Manager

Andy is one of our Finance Managers here at Walter's Audi and we keep him plenty busy, but outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and is an avid runner. Andy also enjoys watching the L.A. Lakers or taking in a movie like Braveheart. Ask Andy which Audi past or present is his favorite and you will hear the Audi A6 Premium Plus in Meteor Gray. Andy is a great guy and one who will assist you with the final stage of purchasing an Audi from Walter's Audi of Riverside. Andy brings 18 years of automotive experience to his position and looks forward to making your purchase experience one you will enjoy and brag about to friends.

Robert Little
Finance Manager

If you are looking for a pleasent man who is sure to make you feel at ease, Robert Little is the man you have been searching for. Robert is a father of two, which also makes him a full time chef for two! He loves to take his daughters out and prepare them delicious and healthy meals. Robert is a Disneyland pass holder, and enjoys nothing more than a nice day out with his family and Mickey Mouse! 

So when you are ready to buy your next Audi, Robert Little will be here to help you with a smile! 

Brett McKinley
Internet Sales Manager

Brett is one of our Audi Brand Specialists here at Walter's Audi, the guy that knows our product line inside and out and can answer any of your questions when shopping for your next Audi. Brett's Audi preference is the S7 and he is in to Motocross, surfing, snowboarding and golf. In his down time Brett enjoys a good movie and lists Training Day as his favorite. The next time you are in Walter's Audi look for Brett and say hello!

Joshua Rambow
Internet Sales Manager

Josh is a young man with a bright future here at Walter's Audi. Josh has been working in the automotive industry since 2008 and has quickly mastered the field. On the weekends you can find Josh being active while water skiing or enjoying a nice game of golf. Josh is a self proclaimed nerd and loves comics and classic movies such as Godzilla. To find someone who can talk golf or the latest comic book, look no further than Josh.

David L
Audi Brand Specialist

David is one of our certified Audi Brand Specialists here at Walter's Audi of Riverside. Guys like David are the reason we have been so successful selling Audi's in the Riverside Auto Center. David is a former Marine Sergeant so it is no surprise his favorite movies consist of the Jason Bourne series, Saving Private Ryan, Mission Impossible, Braveheart and the Rocky movies. If he isn't watching a movie he most likely will be tuned in to a tennis game or be out running. David is a big tennis fan and follows the careers of several players. Given the chance to choose a favorite Audi David goes for the performance cars, the S4 and the R8. Stop in today and tap in to David's extensive knowledge of the Audi line-up.

Syed A
Audi Brand Ambassador

Syed Ali is a veteran of the sales industry with multiple years of experience in high-line vehicles. He has an interesting technical background in mechanical engineering which he carries over to Walter's Audi. When not at work, Syed enjoys golfing. He's an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Lakers, and loves watching professional golf. His favorite Audi is the A8.

 Syed is cordial and very detail oriented. He's also incredibly respectful of his clients' time. Give Syed a call and let him put you in the Audi of your dreams.

Romen Artalejo
Audi Specialist

If you are looking for a calm and collected individual, Roman is the man for you. Known for his calm personality Roman is actually a huge fan of sportscars, and loves being part of the Audi brand and their performance oriented vehicles. Roman hopes that one day he will have an Audi R8 in his own garage. 

Away from work Roman is a total sports guy, and loves to watch his favorite baseball, football, and basketball. When one of his favorites teams is not on, you can find him watching a movie. 

Ryan Gonzalez
Audi Brand Specialist

Ryan is a true Audi enthusiast that just loves the Audi brand. Ryan truly aspires to one day have an Audi RS 6 Avant sitting in his garage. If you have any questions about Audi, Ryan is almost sure to know the answer. 

Outside of the dealership Ryan is an avid hiker, and loves to keep his body active whenever possible. But everyone needs to be lazy sometimes, so you can sometimes catch Ryan binge watching Netflix with a large bowl of ice cream. If you need someone calm and collected to help you on your next Audi purchase, Ryan is the man for you. 

Dennon Whaples
Audi Brand Specialist

If you are looking for some southern charm when looking for your next Audi, Dennon and his calm demeanor is sure to fit your needs. Dennon has been a huge automotive fan for as long as he can remember, and is right at home at our Audi dealership. 

Away from work Dennon is usually hunting for the new best food spot, or enjoying a nice day out at the beach with friends. So if you want someone who is calm and will make you feel comfortable, then reach out to Dennon. 

Chandler McGensy
Audi Brand Specialist

If you are looking for someone with a calm demeanor and an amazing knowledge of the Audi product line, then Chandler might be just the man for you. His calming attitude and positive outlook on life makes Chandler an easy person to work with, and well liked at the dealership. 

Away from work Chandler is focused on two thing mostly, his family and his dog. Chandler is a big believer that your life is largely defined by the company you keep, and how you treat them. With that being said you can be sure Chandler will treat you fairly and with the utmost respect. 

Stephen Garlatta
Audi Brand Specialist

Isaac Martinez
Audi Brand Specialist



David Butler
Service Manager

If you are looking for experience and professionalism, then the automotive experience David has gained since he started in the automotive industry in 1992 will be perfect for you. David has been an automotive enthusiast his entire life, and competed in the 4 Baja 1,000's and 5 Baja 500's. Away from the dealership David is a true family man, and loves to take his family off roading and camping. So if you would like to work with a man who will make sure you are treated fairly and with professionalism, then look no further than David Butler. 

Stacy S
Service Advisor

Stacy has worked for Walter's Audi of Riverside for ten years and has been with Audi for seventeen years. Stacy has two boys ages 18 and 19 and her favorite Audi is the A7 and R8. Stacy loves to travel and scuba dive on her off time. When you come to have your Audi serviced at our dealership, Stacy Samuel, one of our helpful service advisors, will be able to assist you with setting everything up! At Walter's Audi of Riverside, we pride ourselves in providing customers with world class service! Call and ask for Stacy when the need comes!

Alex O
Service Advisor

Alex has been with Walter's Audi for many years and has been working his way up to the position he holds now as a Service Advisor. He is a car guy and would love to own an RS7 and he currently drives a A4 quattro. When not at work he enjoys his Playstation and spending time with friends and family. He also loves to travel to Yosemite when he can to hike and enjoy the wildlife it has to offer. Alex is bi-lingual speaking English and Spanish fluently. Stop in and ask for Alex next time you need any work on your Audi.

Alex W
Service Advisor

If you are looking for someone with true Audi experience, Alex has been working with the Audi brand since 2010 and has loved ever day of it.  Alex started in the automotive industry as a technician but through his dedication and talent quickly worked his way up to an advisor. He has loved every day of it, and has never looked back. Alex is also fluent in Mandarin, and can help if this is your preferred language.

Away from the service drive Alex is a man of family and food, you can usually find him scouting the next great restaurant and enjoying it with his family. He also dreams of one day owning an RS 6 Avant imported from Europe (he hopes one day that will bring the car to North America). So if you are looking for someone with dedication and experience, Alex is the man for you. 

Christopher Ostman
Service Advisor

Christopher is here to assist you with your service needs and to make your visit here at Walter's Audi for service a stress free and enjoyable one. Christopher has been working in the automotive industry since 2008 and has a passion for Audi vehicles.Outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family and likes to go to the track and race. He is a owner of an Audi S5 and enjoys every aspect of it. He also enjoys snowboarding  and spending time with his daughter and attending her softball games. Say hello to Chris the next time you are in for service or call him to assist you with your service needs.



Brian F
Shop Foreman/Production Manager

Mario S
Shop Foreman/Production Manager

Jose C
Master Guild Technician

Mike M
Master Technician

Alejandro S
Master Technician

Willie E
Service Technician

David G
Service Technician

Gabe V
Service Technician

Edgar M
Service Technician

Rob B
Master Technician

Martin P
Service Technician