Meet Our Sales Staff

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  • Jon Kienle
    General Manager

    As a General Manager Jonathan keeps a keen eye on things around the dealership but when he is out of the office he enjoys time with his family adventuring the outdoors. He has a passion for the brand and always loves chatting to fellow Audi enthusiasts. When asked about his favorite Audi past or present Jonathan gives the nod to the Audi RS6 Avant and can't wait for the day it will finally hits our shores. Jon is always keeping it fresh here at Walter's, ordering ultra custom vehicles that appeal to anyone wanting to stand out. He's never too busy for a quick hello so be sure to make his acquaintance the next time you stop in.

  • Dana Clayton
    Sales Manager

    Dana has been involved with Audi since 1999 and has been a part of the amazing growth Audi has seen in the U.S. in recent years. He brings years of product knowledge and experience to his position as Sales Manager here at Walter's Audi which he willingly shares with customers and employees alike. Outside of work, Dana enjoys spending time playing games with his son as well as cycling and swimming. Ask Dana which Audi he likes best and he will respond the Audi R8 for his all-time favorite and the A6 Prestige for its athletic styling, crisp handling and stunning interior appointments. If you stop by to shop, look Dana up and say hello!

  • Angel Ortiz
    CPO Sales Manager

    Angel Ortiz is one of our knowledgeable Brand Specialists here at Walter's Audi and is here to assist you with your next Audi Purchase. His product knowledge will make buying your Audi from Walter's Audi an enjoyable experience. Angel is a father of three boys and when not at work he spends as much time with them as he can along with watching football when there is time. Given the chance to drive any Audi product Angel would choose the A6 or R6 sedan as a daily driver, a practical choice with three kids. Stop in and give Angel a chance to assist you with any questions you may have about any of the Audi models available at Walter's Audi of Riverside.

  • Andy Bartoli
    Finance Manager

    Andy is one of our Finance Managers here at Walter's Audi and we keep him plenty busy, but outside of work he enjoys spending time with his family, golfing and is an avid runner. Andy also enjoys watching the L.A. Lakers or taking in a movie like Braveheart. Ask Andy which Audi past or present is his favorite and you will hear the Audi A6 Premium Plus in Meteor Gray. Andy is a great guy and one who will assist you with the final stage of purchasing an Audi from Walter's Audi of Riverside. Andy brings 18 years of automotive experience to his position and looks forward to making your purchase experience one you will enjoy and brag about to friends.

  • Robert Little
    Finance Manager

    If you are looking for a pleasent man who is sure to make you feel at ease, Robert Little is the man you have been searching for. Robert is a father of two, which also makes him a full time chef for two! He loves to take his daughters out and prepare them delicious and healthy meals. Robert is a Disneyland pass holder, and enjoys nothing more than a nice day out with his family and Mickey Mouse! 

    So when you are ready to buy your next Audi, Robert Little will be here to help you with a smile! 

  • Cory Williams
    Fleet Manager
    951-688-3344 ext 3659

  • Brett McKinley
    Internet Sales Manager

    Brett is one of our Audi Brand Specialists here at Walter's Audi, the guy that knows our product line inside and out and can answer any of your questions when shopping for your next Audi. Brett's Audi preference is the S7 and he is in to Motocross, surfing, snowboarding and golf. In his down time Brett enjoys a good movie and lists Training Day as his favorite. The next time you are in Walter's Audi look for Brett and say hello!

  • Joshua Rambow
    Internet Sales Manager

    Josh is a young man with a bright future here at Walter's Audi. Josh has been working in the automotive industry since 2008 and has quickly mastered the field. On the weekends you can find Josh being active while water skiing or enjoying a nice game of golf. Josh is a self proclaimed nerd and loves comics and classic movies such as Godzilla. To find someone who can talk golf or the latest comic book, look no further than Josh.

  • Christy Matthews
    Internet Sales Manager

    If you are looking for a dedicated and smart person to help find your next Audi, then Christy is the girl to take care of you. Christy has been in the automotive industry since 2007, and her many years of experience make her one of the best in the industry. You will be hard challenged to find anyone as educated as Christy, as she holds 2 bachelor degrees from Cal State San Bernardino. She hopes to one day soon driver off in her favorite Audi, the S5 Sportback. 

    When Christy is not at the dealership, you will find her doing something extreme or interesting almost all the time. She loves to go camping or hiking with her two Pitbulls. She also loves engaging in extreme activities, and to go skydiving, deep sea fishing, and some hunting. 

  • Isaac Ordinola
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Isaac is a true gentlemen, who can help you find the Audi of your dreams. He is a proud father and husband that honors honesty above all else in this world. He is very family oriented, and believes loyalty will carry you far in life. In line with this, he shows loyalty to everyone around him, and always has everyone's best interest in mind. 

    To do business with a man you can truly trust, look no further than Isaac Ordinola. 

  • David Le
    Audi Brand Specialist

    David is one of our certified Audi Brand Specialists here at Walter's Audi of Riverside. Guys like David are the reason we have been so successful selling Audi's in the Riverside Auto Center. David is a former Marine Sergeant so it is no surprise his favorite movies consist of the Jason Bourne series, Saving Private Ryan, Mission Impossible, Braveheart and the Rocky movies. If he isn't watching a movie he most likely will be tuned in to a tennis game or be out running. David is a big tennis fan and follows the careers of several players. Given the chance to choose a favorite Audi David goes for the performance cars, the S4 and the R8. Stop in today and tap in to David's extensive knowledge of the Audi line-up.

  • Syed Ali
    Audi Brand Ambassador

    Syed Ali is a veteran of the sales industry with multiple years of experience in high-line vehicles. He has an interesting technical background in mechanical engineering which he carries over to Walter's Audi. When not at work, Syed enjoys golfing. He's an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Lakers, and loves watching professional golf. His favorite Audi is the A8.

     Syed is cordial and very detail oriented. He's also incredibly respectful of his clients' time. Give Syed a call and let him put you in the Audi of your dreams.

  • Steve Morrison
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Steve is a very experienced automotive expert, and has been working in the automotive industry since 1997. He has a warm personality and is always willing to help. His favorite car is the Audi RS7, and its great mix of luxury and high end performance. When he is not in the office he loves to spend time with his family, playing the guitar, exploring movies, or expressing himself creatively by writing. So next time you are in the area, and want the help of an automotive expert, come see Steve Morrison at Walter's Audi. 

  • Robert Cardenas
    Audi Brand Specialist

    With many years of automotive experience and a thirst for knowledge, you will be challenged to find another automotive professional with a mind as sharp as Robert's. Robert has a degree in computer science, and has built a business for a mobile photobooth. 

    When Robert is away from the dealership you can almost always find him spending some quality time with his son born March 30th, 2016. He loves to go out to the park and enjoy a day of play with his little guy. 

    If you are looking for a true Audi enthusiast with a passion that suits his intelligence, then look no further than Robert Cardenas. 

  • Philip Braun
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Phil has worked in the automotive industry since 2006 and has loved it as a total car enthusiast. He moved to California from Jersey Shore and has been loving his time here. Phil always stays active and was a 2 sport college athlete when he was in college, and still commits as much time as possible to his personal health. You can find Phil spending much of his free time in the gym or at the beach exercising. 

    Phil's favorite Audi is the R8 LMS and hopes he can one day add one to his personal collection. To do business with a true automotive expert, look no further than Phil Braun. 

  • Marcos Morales
    Audi Specialist

    Marcos is a big man, with a big heart who is also a Riverside native. Marcos started his career as an EMT, and loved being able to offer help to those in need. He has been in the automotive industry since 2013, and it has been a dream helping people find the car of their dreams. He hopes to one day own an Audi A8 of his own. 

    When Marcos is not at the dealership, you will find he is a very active man. Marcos loves to go hiking on the weekends, and getting a nice craft beer with his friends after the hike. He is also a man that loves to explore the world we live in, and takes every opportunity possible to travel. So to do business with a man who truly is compassionate, look no further than Marcos Morales. 

  • Tamas Pinter
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Tamas is a man with a sense of humor that can brighten even the darkest days. Tamas was born in Tatabanya, Hungary where he lived with is parents and younger brothers until he was six. He then lived in Munich, Germany for several years before immigrating to Canada with his family. After graduating High School in Surrey, B.C. he enrolled at Fullerton College for his AA in Business Administration. It is at Fullerton College where he met his now wife and they have 2 beautiful children together, a son and a daughter. 

    Whenever Tamas has a spare moment you can find him at the beach or Disneyland with his wife and 2 beautiful children. He is also a skilled mechanic, and often sneaks off to the garage to work on his own vehicles. 

    If you want to do business with the one of the most positive individuals you will ever meet, look no further than Tamas Pinter. 

  • Todd Bellis
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Todd is a true Audi genius, and is one the best Audi Brand Specialist anyone could hope to work with. Todd is a veteran of USMC and is very proud to have served his country. He is also a proud husband and father to a beautiful daughter who is the apple of his eye. His daughter is an ice-skater and he loves to watch her compete and pursue her passions. 

    Next time you are in the area make sure to say hi to Todd, he is sure to put a smile on your face. 

  • Javier Orozco
    Audi Brand Specialist

    Javier is a dedicated and knowledgeable Audi Brand Specialist that is here to help whenever you may need. Javier has grown up around cars his entire life, and loves to work on his car himself. 

    Away from the office Javier likes to hang out with friends and family over a nice Mexican or Italian meal. When he wants to get alone though, you can often find him in his room playing some video games or working out.

  • Cori Carmona
    Sales Assistant

    Cori has been an amazing edition to the Walter's Audi family, and has been a true pleasure for anyone in the presence of. In her life before Walter's, Cori was actually an owner of a GNC, and spent 10 years working in real estate. Cori has has always had a strong passion for fitness and health, and keeps herself very fit and active. 

    When Cori is not at the dealership, you can find her frequently working out, or preparing a healthy meal for herself. She loves to eat seafood in almost any form, and frequently cooks salmon or is out getting some delicious sushi. 

    If you want to work with someone who is truly dedicated to delivering a luxury experience, look not further than Cori at Walter's Audi. 

  • Falisha LeFore
    Audi Brand Specialist

    When it comes to customer service, no one like Falisha is here to rock your world! As an agility course runner, and a background in law enforcement and fire technology, Falisha is ready to meet any challenge head on and solve any problem. 

    Falisha also has a soft side, and you can frequently find her offering her time at her local dog shelter. If you are looking for someone who can solve any problem, then look no further than Falisha.