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At the heart of your Audi lies its battery, one of the most vital pieces to maintain smooth performance. The battery is responsible for supplying the current to the starter motor and ignition system while cranking to start the engine, without this component your vehicle simply won't start. Here are some warning signs that it might be time to bring your Audi over to our Riverside Audi service center for a new car battery replacement. 

Audi Low Battery Warning Light & Signs

One of the most telling signs that something is wrong with your Audi’s battery is a dashboard light. An Audi battery warning light may come on while driving or when the vehicle is started. Some signs or reasons this could be include:

  • The alternator won't charge the battery
  • Audi keeps dying or won't start
  • Audi keeps shutting off after a few minutes
  • The engine is slow to turn over
  • Electrical issues and warning on dashboard
  • Lights dim or flickering
  • Audi stalls or is hard to start
  • The battery keeps on dying

Warning lights can show up on your dashboard in either red or yellow. A yellow battery light means that the battery’s voltage has dropped below the recommended range. This can happen if you forget the lights on or listen to the radio with the engine off. To protect the battery, some electronics may be disabled. A message may display on the instrument cluster stating LOW battery: Battery will be charged while driving. If the battery capacity drops too much, you may need to jump-start your Audi. 

If you keep getting the yellow battery light, it is often an indication that the battery is not charging, and it is time to schedule an appointment with our Audi Service Center.

A red battery light indicates a definite problem with your Audi’s battery, alternator, or charging system. If the alternator is not charging the battery, your Audi may only run for a brief time off the battery then shut off. The battery warning light may go away randomly if there is a loose connection. When your Audi battery light is on, the first preventative step is to turn off unnecessary electronic consumers. Turn off lights if driving during the day. Turn off the radio, blower fan, heated seat, and unplug any chargers from the cigarette outlet, and get your Audi to our service center as quickly as possible. 

Audi Car Battery Replacement in Riverside

Need a new Audi car battery? Visit the Walter's Audi service center and parts department in Riverside. Our team of certified technicians can get you moving again with a new Audi car battery and installation.

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